Hallmark Institute of Photography

Photography...the universal language, the communication tool that transcends all cultures, ages and opinions. Hallmark Institute of Photography has chosen to position itself as one of the leading photography schools in the world, where the technical, artistic and business aspects of professional photography are learned in just 10 months.

Our objective is to successfully educate and graduate professional image makers with the technical, artistic and business skills necessary for success. Upon completion of our program, graduates can expect to open their own photographic business or fill entry-level employment positions in the diverse and competitive marketplace of today's professional imaging industry. To fulfill our goals, we use only the most up-to-date technology, highly experienced and qualified staff, and a logical and realistic set of standards and processes, providing each of our students the tools they need to succeed.

Our Professional Photography Program:
Unlike many other fine photography schools, Hallmark offers only one program of study: Professional Photography. Hallmark's intensive 1400 clock hour program in Professional Photography is delivered over ten months throughout four sequential phases. The curriculum features seven primary courses of study; Art & Technique, Digital Imaging, Design & Imaging Arts, Marketing, Management, Personnel, and Finance. Each of these courses is supported by numerous individual classes that are taught in an integrated manner in which each and every student participates. Most classes are presented to small groups of students to promote individual attention and provide opportunities for interaction with instructors during class.

Hallmark utilizes its unique educational training program where your experience begins by learning basic techniques for you to form a solid foundation in our hands-on teaching environment. You will then use high-end, professional digital cameras and imaging systems, enabling you to become a complete technician and artist before you leave Hallmark. In addition, nearly 40% of our curriculum integrates the business of photography. This is how you will learn the essential marketing, management, finance and personnel skills to provide you with the confidence and experience necessary for you to become successful as you enter the professional photographic marketplace.


Hallmark is located in idyllic Western Massachusetts.

If you have the passion for photography, the drive to succeed and the desire for a career in professional photography, Hallmark Institute of Photography is the school for you!

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